Sencha Touch 2 JSONP response with Ruby on Rails

I had a hard time how to make JSONP response data render in a Sencha Touch 2 list view, but I made it. WOOT.

Maybe, truth to be spoken, I had a harder time figuring out how JSONP actually worked. I had to understand that I had to wrap the JSON object into a JavaScript callback function and change the content type of the response to “text/javascript”. ( I still don’t get it. ;) )

So, here’s the code:

The last line of the the index method will be clear when you understand read the query string parameters which Sencha sends to the server:

and, ultimately the Sencha Store object:

I wonder if you can write a more elegant method?


Why Evernote sucks

I love Evernote, and I hate it for taking notes. Seriously, the concept is great, but the editor does not fit my needs.

I am not very picky, there are just a few things about Evernote that need to be fixed:

  • Documents have no semantical structure. There are no sections. Plain text is as intelligent as an Evernote note.
  • Outline support. Even headlines would be acceptable.
  • Table of contents. Notes get large and messy; scrolling and searching (and not finding) will be unavoidable.
  • Export notes. I want to create a spreadsheet whenever I feel like doing so.
  • No one needs fonts (at least I never needed them); I just want to write down notes and capture ideas.

Obviously, there are some things Evernote got right:

  • Cross-device. Don’t want to take out your laptop? No prob. Just take a note from your iPhone.
  • Developer API. There are some awesome 3rd party services built on top of Evernote. Lastly I have discovered Hello which keeps track of people you meet and automatically syncs to Evernote.
  • Voice memos.
  • Image scanning

I am feeling so dirty…

I am aware of a premium version, but it doesn’t fix any of the current issues. Awkwaaard. So, I am still waiting for a miracle, (or for a person who joins me on the next Evernote-killer project).

If you know something similar to Evernote tell me about it.

In the next post I will compare Evernote with org-mode, and talk about why it’s so much better, and should be far more popular than Evernote.