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My career

Lead developer

Odyl, LLC

March 2014untilNow


Software developer

Minerva Group

May 2013untilFebruary 2014

I've developed Web and Mobile apps for start-ups and clients, using Agile methodologies.

Freelance Web Developer

Status:Currently not available

July 2012 untilNow


Research & Web developer

TEIXIDÓ, Paraguay

I learned to work in a small team with mega awesome (no exaggeration, there) designers and developers, researching on company projects.

Consultant & Rails Developer

First startup

Couptivate, USA

I contributed new features and enhancements to the website, including Facebook & Twitter integration.


Ruby on Rails developer


June - September

Being a previous contributor, I joined the ParaguayEduca's, born by OLPC's efforts, IT team to help maintaining legacy systems which at that time had an impact on about 10.000 users.

Talk: "Actividades Sugar en Python"

Free Software Asunción 2011

March 20, September


Python developer/mentor

At the age of 17 I joined theOLPC projectandSugarlabs, which arrived in Paraguay with the goal of helping the country the develop by donating laptops to every child, as a volunteer.
My main contributions and interests were fixing and debugging issues in Sugar, the learning environment specially designed for children who could not read yet, and writing applications, so called "activities", for it.
Hand-in-hand with other people I helped children age 8-12 to learn how to program with the Python programming language.
Heck, I enjoyed that!

Google Code-In 2010

Writing Open Source Code

I dedicated my summer vacations to enhance existing Open Source code, being mentored by great people; the whole event being sponsored by Google.

I learned how to coordinate with people in projects with hundreds and thousands of contributors with Git and issue trackers, like Bugzilla, and E-Mail.

Part of the learning experience was to learn C and JavaScript.

Most importantly I delivered code/patches to enhance legacy code being used by thousands of users daily.

My main contributions went to:


Ganeti Web Manager




  • Robit

    A number guessing game for Android phones.

    View it

  • Ruboto website re-design

    Ruboto is a tool chain to developer Android applications with the Ruby programming language.

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  • Ideone Ruby API library

    Ruby API bindings gem for the API.

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  • Financial blog co-author

    Mieducacionfinanciera.netis a blog about financial topic for a Spanish audience

    View it

  • Bootstrap Typeahead with Hashtags support

    Modification of the Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead code to support Hashtags (#).

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More coming soon...


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Caacupé, Paraguay


CS169.2x Advanced Software as a Service



Development of sophisticated web applications, deployment, performance, monitoring and using Agile techniques to refactor legacy code.Course info

CS169.1x Software as a Service



Covered the principles of software engineering by developing software to be deployed as a service in the cloud.Course info

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"Kenny has done a fantastic job for us on a broad range of technical projects. He's a fast learner, consistently delivers on time and takes lots of initiative in identifying ways to provide value. He is also very creative in developing new solutions and ideas. He would be a valuable asset to any company and I cannot recommend him highly enough."
"Kenny is a solid developer with great ideas and attention to detail. A pleasure to work with."
"His intelligence and attention to detail allowed him to ramp up very quickly and be productive. Thank you again for the good work!"

Check out some of my soft skills

  • 50/100User Interface Design
  • 60/100Artifical Intelligence
  • 45/100Parallel computing
  • 55/100Web Design
  • 100/100Team Player
  • 50/100Electric guitar player
  • 10/100Japanese
  • 80/100Social Networker
  • 100/100Nature Lover
  • 50/100Kitchen Chef


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